Please give feedback on the Pirate University
Is a certain uploader broken? Is the explanation unclear? Let us know how to improve the site.
Just ignore the "suggest a new resource" below, it should be "comment" Smile
Thank you.

Please give feedback on the Pirate UniversityIs a certain uploader broken? Is the explanation unclear? Let us know how to improve the site.Just ignore the "suggest a new resource" below, it should be "comment" :)Thank you.



To "Jack",

I wasn't able to find an easy way to contact you directly, so I'm going to write here. Long story short - I created a very similar project about a month ago:

At the time, I was ignorant of the different nearly identical projects that already existed, most notably this one and the Paper Bay.

Since we are essentially doing the same thing - give or take a few differences in execution style - I was wondering if it wouldn't make sense to consider uniting these different projects under a single roof in hopes of creating a critical mass of users and getting together some like-minded idealistic people to drive it.

If interested, or if you just want to chat, feel free to e-mail me at Feel free to delete this post as well, as it doesn't really contribute much to your site and was only a means for me to contact you.

All the best,




I got an e-mail saying my account was deleted, but I had no intention whatsoever of doing this. Why did this happen? I have also had problems accessing the web site...

A few days ago we sank some

A few days ago we sank some spam-accounts... Maybe we made some collateral damage?

Send me a direct message with ao. your username through to resolve.


Where can I search by author? How about search by title? Why must I browse by category (and aren't you then reinforcing departmental disciplinary boundaries)?! And why do you have links to articles that can only be downloaded through paid sites, without any option for a slower free download?! Finally, why do you have titles of books listed which are, in fact, only book reviews?

I'd recommend that people use instead pirateuniversity right now, for sure, at least for matters in social sciences, humanities, lit crit, social & political theory.

Both resources, however, are vulnerable having sources pulled by the file upload/download services. A PirateBay-style peer-to-peer service seems better to me. Granted, emulating PirateBay with it's secret servers is probably not an easy task. But then again, why put so much effort into a project that is so vulnerable to being completely crippled by publishers & lawyers, and outside service providers??


Dear anonymous,

Thanks for your comments! Do you realise how many academic articles there have ever been published? We have no ambition whatsoever to host or link to them all Smile

The Pirate University is a crowdsourcing service, similar to the twitter hashtag #icanhaspdf. I allow users to put a request for an article, and anybody else who somehow gained access to it, can upload it, wherever he or she wants, and leave the link to it on right under the request. So contrary to your assumption, it is actually not really meant for searching... did you read

Any pirate really looking for an article will most likely not mind too much filling in the boring captcha etc etc to get the article he or she desired. At the same time I don't have to worry about hiding my server in a cave!
At first we were even considering to have the link to the desired article only visible to the pirate requesting, to me and to the uploader - hardly anybody else is looking for the article anyway - but for now this idea is in the fridge (if this is even English)

Whats the website? It doesn't say anything on its homepage, and I don't feel like making an account just yet... If anything useful, I can put it with our links.

Finally, about the disciplinary boundaries.... ehm... well... I seriously never considered just showing all requests starting with A, B... it is more a small service for people who want to see what is happening in their field, but they can choose any other field tooo... no political statement intended!!

Enjoy your summer (sorry, I know this is really Northern Hemisphere biased of me, I couldn't resist)


php broke? + Great page

Hey there I was experiencing some bugs during suggesting ressources. They pubslished though, so this bug is not too time pressing. Another thing I was experiencing were some php problems with the uploading to the FileHosters.
But still great Idea great concept, how did you get pirate university on the page of Social Text ? (where I found you)


About the bugs, yeah I'm aware of that, but trying some of the other services should still work - as well as just going to those services own websites and uploading there - which services did you try which didn't work? ... About the Social Text (thanks for the reference) I guess they'd like this vessel, as I'd never share any loot with'em Tongue
Keep on sailing! You are one of our most active pirates!


Contributing to pirate university can sometimes be illegal, or prohibited by university rules.

That is one of the reason (there are some more) why there should be a clear policy of NOT logging ip addresses and other measures to be nice to users wanting anonimity


If your are worried about privacy concerns, you should consider using TOR, which is a great tool to provide anonymity on your side, so your are sailing on the secure side

How right you are

Hi anon,
of course there is no special need for the pirate university to log IP-addresses. I believe the Drupal CMS system, on which it runs, by default logs them for up to two weeks, after which they are discarded. For now I only don't see an urgent need to find out how to stop logging IP addresses at all?
Of course there is no need to remind you that universities do not have access to the back-end of the Pirate University, so they wont be getting hold of IP addresses just yet.
Also, that it remains illegal to do something which is illegal, even if you do it on the Pirate University, and that we in no way have a desire to facilitate that.

Keep sailing!


University System


Very nice Idea, i dont see
to much but the ones i see
there is only a link for
external material.

Can you save data (html or
pure text) ? That way even
if the material is removed
from the source it will
have a copy.

Can I help ?

Ahoy Silvino!

There are a looot of file hosting services out there with muuuuch better infrastructure then this ship has.
If a resource is likely to disappear, the crew would be wise to store the resource elsewhere at a vessel of the fotilla of free filehosting servers. Our ship will then merrily carry the new link.

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